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Set up solar power plants | Civil engineering services | Engineering and design of PLC and DCS

About Company

The company introduced FSB Logistics (Joint Stock.)
FSB Logistics company (Joint Stock.) a yearwith the goal of implementing all the inclusion of industrial projects (EPC) (provision of logistics and supply chain) was established in line with the company’s attempt to organize and create a different section is:
The most important activity of the given engineering services as follows:
1-design and construction of solar power plants
2implementation of steel structures and Civil engineering services and industrial niches
3. the implementation of the construction, installation and commissioning (Contracting) all electrical, mechanical systems, industrial control and Instrumentation projects, ranging from installation and cabling trays, boards, install the post and. ..
4-design and engineering industrial automation with the use of control systems, PLC, DCS and the control of the central control room CCR
5-sakhtt electric Panel includes switchgear and MCC, LVD, CAP PLC control in place of a factory the company located in the industrial city of hashtgerd
6. supply of mechanical equipment, electrical and instrumentation includes sensors and Valve from internal and external sources
Section mkhttelf of the company includes the following departments:
1. the Department of management and the projects
2-Department of design and engineering
3. Department of internal and external Commerce
4. procurement and Logistics Department
5-the Department install and run (Contracting) systems and equipment
6-Department of industrial projects launched
7project control Department
8-the Department of logistics and supply chain
9-design and manufacture of electrical switchgear factory and industrial automation, distribution, MCC and PLC control
10-Department of Civil, design and construction of industrial buildings and all construction operations
11-Department of design and construction of solar power plants
Company’s activity fields in separate departments for which is as follows:
High voltage substations
Electrical distribution systems (including industrial boards, cabling, telecommunication systems, communication, and protection)
Automation and control systems (including PLC and monitoring)
Control room CCR and DCR
Instrumentation (including the Valve, transmetr and a variety of sensors
Civil: includes the design and construction of industrial buildings and metal constructions